Choir Checkin

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FBCH Choir Check-in

Hey Choir! I wanted to give you some thoughts and get some thoughts from you, so please take a couple minutes to fill out the survey below and as always, let me know if you need anything or have any questions.

My Thoughts:

I love that the choir has started back up here. Having more people getting to be a part of leading worship is great, and I know that our congregation and church appreciates what you bring to them on Sunday mornings. The more voices we can lift up in prayer and praise, for the glory of our God, the better. Thank you for the time you give for His purposes. My plan going forward is to have weekly choir rehearsals, and for the choir to assist in leading worship on Sunday mornings at least once a month, along with being part of special occasions and big celebrations.

Your Thoughts: (please complete the survey below)

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