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"Revive FBC"

We are praying that God brings revival to our community, state, nation, and world. And we know that for us to be a part of what God does, we have to be walking with God and have a lifelong mentality of continuing to let Him sculpt us. That is our goal for "Revive Us - 2021". We want God to do a work through us and bring souls to Him in our land. Come and join us for these great times of worship and growing with God. Everyone is welcome!

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"Twenty Ones"

As we prepare our hearts for what we are asking God to do through us, join us in this focus we call "twenty ones". Starting 21 days before "Revive Us", on August 29th, use the following guide to purposefully seek out what God would have you do to prepare. Each day, choose one item to do from the list and continue until we reach "Revive Us". Let God Revive You!

One witness (evangelism)

One devotion (time)

One fast (length/type)

One Book (Bible)

One book (growth)

One call (encouragement)

One testimony (glory)

One gathering (bring)

One gift (tithe/offering)

One service (help)

One ministry (commit)

One prayer (immediate)

One study (personal)

One letter (thanks)

One decision (repent)

One act (random)

One list (prayer)

One card (invite)

One restoration (forgive)

One person (focus)