1400 S Pine St, Harrison, AR - Sun 10am

Pavilion  Request  Requirements  and  Form

We so appreciate you considering using our pavilion and grounds. Please be reminded that these facilities are a ministry of First Baptist Church. Speech, dress, and conduct must be of highest Christian standards. Therefore, use of First Baptist Church facilities requires prior church approval and will be at the risk of the user. Willful violations of any policies, rules or regulations could lead to the loss of privileges.

1. Use of alcoholic beverage is prohibited.
2. Driving on the grass is NOT permitted. There are sprinkler heads under ground in various places. Any unauthorized vehicle parked on the grass may be towed or fined.
3. Parking is allowed on the pavement only since walkers have the “Right of Way” on the track.
4. Water is available in “above-freezing” seasons east of the pavilion and south of the track beyond the volleyball courts.
5. Lights and fans may be used – be sure they are turned off prior to your departure.
6. The fireplace may be used – be sure the fire is totally extinguished before leaving the grounds.
7. Other people may be coming behind you to use the pavilion so please dispose of your trash properly. All trash should be placed in the cans that have been provided. Overflow trash should be placed in the dumpster behind First Baptist Church or taken with you.


8. The pavilion floor or grass should be protected from drippings, where grills are used.
9. Please care for the tables (and all equipment) as carefully as you would treat your own.
10. You will be the responsible person for any damages that are done while you have possession of the pavilion/grounds.
Download the Pavilion Request Form and bring it to the church office to make your reservation. Reservation is not confirmed until the completed form is delivered.